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The   Punjab   Civil   Service    Rules
Volume  I  

Rules  relating  to  Pay  and  Allowance,  Leave Passages  and  other  General   Conditions   of   Service

  PART  II  --  Appendices   and   Forms

(Third  Edition)

(Incorporating  notifications/amendments and correction  slips  issued 
up to  31-3-1984

Appendices, Forms
No. of Appendix

Rule in which referred


1     1.1, 1.2 (b) (1), (2), (3) and 1.3    Extracts from the various articles of the Constitution of India.

2.    1.4 (iii)                                    List of Government employees employed occasionally or who are liable to discharge at one month.

3.                                                  Omitted.

4.                                                  Omitted.

5.                                                   Omitted.

6.                                                   Omitted.

7.    Note 4 to Rule 5.35                   List of Government employees granted rent free quarters.

8.    Note 5 to Rule 5.57                  Rules regulating the acceptance of fees by Government medical officers from private persons or bodies or public bodies for services other than professional attendance.

8-A    Note 6 to Rule 5.57               Rules for payment of fees to expert witnesses summoned in criminal courts

9.   Note 1 to Rule 5.64                  General instructions for regulating the patenting of inventions made by Government employees whose duties involve the carrying out of scientific or technical research

10    Sub-rule (i) to Rules 6.2, 13.3(1) (a) (3) and 13.3 (i) (b) (4)    Rules governing the grant of traveling and other allowances to Government employees of State Services, and Government employees holding special posts, under the Punjab Government, when on duty in Europe, including the Near East or America

11.  (Referred to in note to Rule 8.3 note to Rule 8.48(a), (2), Rule 8.50, note to Rule 12.1, 12.2)  Instructions issued the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India in order to secure efficiency and uniformity of audit in relation to leave procedure

12.   8.23          Authorities empowered to grant leave other than leave on medical certificates under rule 8.18, leave after the date of compulsory retirement, special disability leave and study leave subject to the conditions prescribed in Rule 8.23 of Volume I, Part I

13.   Referred to in note to Rule 8.44 (a) and Rule 8.43 (b)        Leave procedure in the case, of a Government employee on leave out of India

14                          Omitted

15.                        Omitted

16.   Note to Rule 8.57              Model terms for the grant of leave to Government employees engaged on contract

17.   8.61                                 Rules for the grant of casual and quarantine leave

18. Note to paragraph 2 of Annexure I to Section I of Chapter VIII             List of Government employees serving in Vacation Departments

19.                            Omitted.

20.   Note to Rule 8.126          Rules relating to the grant of additional leave to Government employees for the study of scientific, technical or similar problems, or for undertaking special courses of instruction

20A    Note 7 below rule 6.2    Terms to be granted to Government employees sent on training abroad under the various training schemes

21    13.4           Rules governing the grant of free passage to Government employees engaged on contract.

22.  Foot-note below Rule 3.26 of Punjab C. S. R. Volume I, and 5.32 of Punjab C.S.R. Volume II Note to Rule       The Punjab Civil Services (Premature Retirement) Rules, 1975



[Referred to in rules 1.1, 1.2 (b) (1),  (2) and  (3) and 1.3]


Extracts from the various articles of the Constitution of India


*                      *                                  *                                  *                      *

*                      *                                  *                                  *                      *

*                      *                                  *                                  *                      *

16.       Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment: (1)-There shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters relating to employment or appointment to any office under the State.

            (2)        No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them be ineligible for, or discriminated against, in respect of, any employment or office under the State.                                              

            (3)        Nothing in this article shall prevent Parliament from making any law prescribing, in regard to a class or classes of employment or appointment to an office under the Government of, or any local or other authority within  a State or Union Territory, any requirement as to residence within that State or Union Territory prior to such employment or appointment.

            (4)        Nothing in this article shall prevent the State from making any provision for the reservation of appointments or posts in favour of any backward class of citizens which, in the opinion of the State is not adequately represented in the Services under the State.

            (5)        Nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any law which provides that the incumbent of an office in connection with the affairs of any religious or denominational institution or any member of the governing body thereof shall be a person professing a particular religion or belonging to a particular denomination.

                                    *                      *                                  *                                  *                      *

187.     Secretariat of State Legislature: (1) - The House or each House of the Legislature of a State shall have a separate secretarial staff:

            Provided that nothing in this clause shall, in the case of Legislature of a State having a Legislative Council, be construed as preventing the creation of posts common to both Houses of such Legislature.

            (2)        The Legislature of a State may by law, regulate the recruitment, and the conditions of service of persons appointed, to the secretarial staff of the House or Houses of the Legislature of the State.

            (3)        Until provision is made by the Legislature of the State under clause (2), the Governor may, after consultation with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly or the Chairman of the Legislative Council, as the case may be, make rules regulating the recruitment, and the conditions of service of persons appointed to the secretarial staff of the Assembly or the Council, and any rules so made shall have effect subject to the provisions of any law made under the said clause.


*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *

*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


229.     Officers and Servants and the expenses of High Courts:- (1)- Appointment of officers and servants of a High Court shall be made by the Chief Justice of the Court or such other Judge or officer of the Court as he may direct :

            Provided that the Governor of the State may by rule require that in such cases as may be specified in the rule no person not already attached to the Court shall be appointed to any office connected with the Court save after consultation with the State Public Service Commission.

            (2)        Subject to the provisions of any law made by the Legislature of the State, the conditions of service of officers and servants of a High Court shall be such as may be prescribed by rules made by the Chief Justice to make rules for the purposes :

            Provided that the rules made under this clause shall, so far as they relate to salaries, allowance, leave or pensions, require the approval of the Governor of the  State.

            (3)        The administrative expenses of a High Court, including all salaries, allowances and pensions payable to or in respect of the officers and servants of the Court, shall be charged upon the Consolidated Fund of the State, and any fees or other moneys taken by the Court shall form part of that Fund.


*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *

*                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


309.     Recruitment and conditions of service of persons serving the Union or a State: - Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, Acts of the appropriate Legislature may regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed, to public service and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or of any State :

            Provided that it shall be competent for the President or such person as he may direct in the case of services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union, and for the Governor of a State or such person as he may direct in the case of services and posts in connection with the affairs of the State, to make rules regulating the recruitment, and the conditions of service of persons appointed, to such services and posts until provision in that behalf is made by or under an Act of the appropriate Legislature under this article, and any rules so made shall have effect subject to the provision of any such Act.

310.     Tenure of office of persons serving the Union or a State. - (I) - Except as expressly provided by this Constitution, every person who is a member of a defense service or of a civil service of the Union or of an All-India service or holds any posts connected with defense or any civil post under the Union holds off during the pleasure of the President and every person who is a member of a civil service of a State or holds any civil post under a State holds office during the pleasure of the Governor of the State.

            (2)        Notwithstanding that a person holding a civil post under the Union or a State holds office during the pleasure of the President, or as the case may be, of the Governor of the State, any contract under which a person, not being a member of a defense service or of an All-India service or of a civil service of the Union or a State, is appointed under this Constitution to hold such a post may, if the President or the Governor, as the case may be, deems it necessary in order to secure the services of a person having special qualifications, provide for the payment to him of compensation, if before the expiration of an agreed period that post is abolished or he is, for reasons not connected with any misconduct on his part, required to vacate that post.

311.     Dismissal, removal, reduction in rank of persons employed in civil capacities under the Union or a State - (I) - No person who is a member of a civil service of the Union or an All-India service or a civil service of a State or holds a civil post under the Union or a State shall be dismissed or removed by an authority subordinate to that by which he was appointed.

            (2)        No such person as aforesaid shall be dismissed or removed or reduced in rank except after an inquiry in which he has been informed of the charges against him and given a reasonable opportunity of being heard in respect of those charges and where it is proposed, after such inquiry, to impose on him any such penalty, until he has been given a reasonable opportunity of making representations on the penalty proposed, but only on the basis of the evidence adduced during such inquiry:


Provided that this clause shall not apply—

            (a)        where a person is dismissed or removed or reduced in rank on the ground of conduct which has led to his conviction on a criminal charge ; or

            (b)        where the authority empowered to dismiss or remove a person or to reduce him in rank is satisfied that for some reason to be recorded by that authority in writing it is not reasonably practicable to hold such inquiry; or

            (c)        where the president or Governor, as the case may be, is satisfied that in the interest of the security of the State it is not expedient to hold such inquiry.

            (3)        If in respect of any such person as aforesaid a question arises whether it is reasonably practicable to hold such inquiry as is referred to in clause (2), the decision thereon of the authority empowered to dismiss or remove such person or to reduce in rank, shall be final.


         *             *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

         *             *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         


318.     Power to make regulations as to conditions of service of members and staff of the Commission - In the case of the Union Commission or a Joint Commission, the President and, in the case of a State Commission, the Governor of the State may by regulations -

            (a)        determine  the number of members of the Commission and their  conditions of service; and

            (b)        make provision with respect to the number of members of the staff of the Commission and their conditions of service:

                        Provided that the conditions of service of a member of a Public Service Commission shall not be varied to his disadvantage after his appointment.



[Referred to in Rule 1.4 (iii)]

List of Government employees employed occasionally or who are liable to

Discharge at one month’s notice or less.



            1.         Chaukidars                                           2.    Sweepers

            3.         Bhishties

                                    PUNJAB LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY

            1.         Bearers                                                4.      Bhishties

            2.         Mails                                                    5.       Sweepers

            3.         Chaukidars                                           6.        Coolies             

                                                                                    7.         Farash.

                                                SUBORDINATE COURTS

            1.         Chaukidars                                           5.         Mails

            2.         Kahars                                                 6.         Bullockman


            3.         Bhishities                                              7.         Dark Carries


            4.         Sweepers                                             8..        Contractors for working

                                                                                                the well in the Court.


            1.         Sweepers (Part-time)                3.         Cooks (Contingent paid staff)


            2.         Chowkidars (Part-time)            4.         Cartmen (Contingent paid




Central Office                                                                           1.     Sweepers

2.            Mails

3.            Khalasis

4.            Chaukidars

5.            Mates

6.            Water-carries


Reformatory Settlement, Amritsar                                             1.  Water-carries

2.      Sweepers

3.      Ward Coolies

4.      Mali

5.      Lampman

6.      Warders

7.      Cooks


Probation and Social Welfare Officers, Jullndur.                        1.         Khalasis

2.                  Sweepers

3.                  Watchman

4.                  Water-carrier

5.                  Warders


Dhangu, Pathankot                                                                   1.   Sweeper

2.      Waterman

3.      Lambardar




            1.         Barbers                                                            8.         Mochis

            2.         Bhishties                                                           9.         Masons

            3.         Carpenters                                                       10.       Painters

            4.         Cooks                                                              11.       Sweepers

            5.         Dhobis                                                             12.       Tailors

            6.         Khalasis                                                           13.       Bearers

            7.         Mails




            1.         Bearers (skilled)                                   11.       Ayas

            2.         Mails (skilled)                                       12.       Hospital Orderlies

            3.         Mali Coolies                                         13.       Mate Coolies

            4.         Chaukidar                                            14.       Tailors

            5.         Sweepers                                             15.       Woodmen

            6.         Bhishties                                               16.       Lampen

            7.         Gate Women                                        17.       Cooks

            8.         Malis                                                    18.       Kahars

            9.         Masalchies                                           19.       Lamp and Boot Boys

            10.       Bread Coolies                                      20.       Table servants



            1.         Orderlies                                              20.       Masalchies

            2.         Peons                                                   21.       Gatemen

            3.         Ward Coolies (Men)                            22.       Khanasamas

            4.         Ward Coolies (Women)                       23.       Cookmate

            5.         Malis                                                    24.       Khidmatgars

            6.         Cooks                                                  25.       literate Bearers

            7.         Bhishties                                               26.       Bullockmen

            8.         Sweepers                                             27.       Mat-makers

            9.         Chaukidars                                           28.       Cartmen

            10.       Sweepers                                             29.       Weavers

            11.       Bearers (Men)                                      30.       Sanitary-keepers

            12.       Bearers (Women)                                 31.       Embalmer

            13.       Dhobies                                                32.       Engine Driver

            14.       Operation-room Cleaners                     33.       Fireman

            15.       Kahars                                                 34.       Porters

            16.       Nurse Boys                                          35.       Hospital Coolies(Women)

            17.       Ayas                                                    36.       Collies

            18.       Khalasis                                               37.       Cold Storage Plant Collie

            19.       Tailors                                                  38.       Calfmen

                                                                                    39.       Farash




1.         Part-time Sweeper                                2.         Part-time Mali


                                                            INDUSTRIAL  TRAINING

1.         Band Saw Mistries

2.         Assistant Band Saw Mistries                 Government Work Centre, Rajpura.

3.         Band Saw Pullers

4.         Store Coolie



            1.         Mali

            2.         Assistant Malis

            3.         Workshop Coolies

            4.         Watermen

            5.         Bhishties

            6.         Kahars

            7.         Sweepers

            8.         Beldars

            9.         Oilmen and Cleaner



            (1)   Superior Work-Charged Establishment

             1.        Arboriculture Darogha

            2.         Assistant Observer

            3.         Blacksmith, Ist Class

            4.         Blacksmith,2nd Class

            5.         Chargemen (Engine).

            6.         Dragline Operators, Ist Class

            7.         Dragline Operators, 2nd Class.

            8.         Electricians.

            9.         Fitters.

            10.       Firemen.

            11.       Foremen (Mechanical and Power-house, Grade A).

            12.       Foremen (Mechanical and Power-house-, Grade B.).

            13.       Greasers.

            14.       Linemen.

            15.       Masons. Ist Class.

            16.       Masons, 2nd Class.

17.       Mistries.

            18.       Moulders, Ist Class.

            19.       Moulders, 2nd Class.

            20.       Painters.

            21.       Pattern Makers.

            22.       Permanent Way Inspectors.

            23.       Pump Operators.

            24.       Regulation Jamadar.

            25.       Regulation Jamadars (Assistant).

            26.       Shunting Jamadars.

            27.       Shunting Porters.

            28.       Surveyors.

            29.       Switch board Attendants.

            30.       Tinsmiths.

            31.       Train Guards.

32.       Turners.

33.       Wiremen Senior.

34.       Wiremen, Junior.

35.       Carpenters, Ist Class.

36.       Carpenters,2nd Class

37.       Drivers, Ist Class.

            38.       Drivers, 2nd Class.

            39.       Oilmen.

            40.       Timekeepers.




1.         Attendants, Concrete-Mixer.

2.         Attendants, Pumps.

3.         Beldars, Regulatio (at Headworks).

4.         Beldars, Regulation (elsewhere than a Headwork).

5.         Beldars, Maintenance (for Roads, Banks etc.)

6.         Beldars, Garden.

7.         Beldars, Plantation.

8.         Beldars, Patrol.

9.         Beldars, Patrol (River and Protection Works)

10.       Bhishties

11.       Bellowsmen

12.       Boarmen or Ferrymen

13.       Boatmen Head or Jamadar

14.       Boatmen Naib-Jamadar

15.       Daraimen

16.       Bullockmen and Cartmen

17.       Caretakers (see Chowkidars)

18.       Chawkidars Store

19.       Chaukidars at Rest-Houses with Crockery

20.       Chaukidars at other Rest-houses

21.       Cleaners engine

22.       Cleaners, Machinery

23.       Collies, ordinary

24.       Coolies, Workshop or Power-house

25.       Drivers

26.       Gangmen (Plant and Machinery)

27.       Gangmen (Plant and Machinery), Jamadars

28.       Gatekeepers

29.       Greasers, Engine

30.       Hammermen, ordinary

31.       Khalasis, ordinary

32.       Khalasis, survey

33.       Khalasis, survey Head

34.       Malis

35.       Malis-Head (Where more than one mali is employed in the same garden)

36.       Mali, Chaukidars (at Rest-houses)

37.       Mates, earthwork

38.       Sweepers

39.       Sweepers, Jamadar

40.       Tindals



(i)         Work-charged  Establishment

1.         Mason Mistri

2.         Malis

3.         Road Inspectors

4.         Consolidation Inspectors

5.         Tarring Inspectors

6.         Mmistries (including electrical mistries)

7.         Road Mates

8.         Road Beldars

9.         Firemen

10.       Work and Road Munshis

11.       Arboriculture Inspectors

12.       Machinery Inspectors

13.       Steam Road-Roller Driver

14.       Motor Vehicle Drivers

15.       Motor Vehicle Cleaners

16.       Collection Inspectors

17.       Foreman, Mechanical’

18.       Works Supervisor

19.       Work Inspector

20.       Work-charged Overseer

21.       Chaukidars

22.       Rest-house Chowkidars

23.       Rest-house Sweepers

24.       Road Moharrirs

25.       Tar Sprayers

26.       Carpenters

27.       Linesmen

28.       Machinery Fitter

29.       Surveyors

            30.       Gauge Readers

            31.       Bhishties

            32.       Electric Khalasis

            33.       Electric Collies

            34.       Godown Chowkidars

            35.       Mortar Munshi

            36.       Darogha Boat Bridge

            37.       Sarang

            38.       engine Driver

39.       Lascar Tyndel

40.       Pilot

41.       Quartermaster

42.       Boiler Tyndel

43.       Donkey Tyndel

44.       Oilmen

45.       Firemen

46.       Landing Tyndel

47.       Cook

48.       Sweeper

49.       Lascar for borge

50.       Carpenter

51.       Naib Tyndel

52.       Boatman

53.       Daffadar

54.       Assistant Boat Rower

55.       Blacksmith

56.       FitterLaunch driver

57.       Hammerman

58.       Workshop Coolie

59.       Fitter

60.       Turner and Moulder

61.       Mates

62.       Beldars


PUBLIC  HEALTH  DEPARTMENT 1.         Foreman Laundry Plant

2.         Assisant Foreman

3.         Mechanical Chargeman

4.         Electrical Chargeman

5.         Pipe Fitter grade-I

6.         Pipe Fitter grade-II

7.         Mason grade-I

8.         Mason grade-II

9.         Carpenter grade-I

10.       Carpenter grade-II

11.       Work Mistry

12.       Work Inspector

13.       Work Munshi

14.       Pump Driver (Diesel and Electrical)

15.       Assistant Pump Driver

16.       Pump Attendant

17.       Vehicle Driver

18.       Meter Reader

19.       Bill Clerk

20.       Press Man

21.       Skilled Helper

22.       Store Munshi

23.       Head Sewerman

24.       Telephone Attendant

25.       Store Collie

26.       Mali-cum-Chowkidar

27.       Washerman

28.       Chargeman/Boiler Chargeman

29.       Fitter Collie

30.       Pump Driver grade-I (Diesel and Electrical)

31.       Operator grade-II

32.       Operator Air Conditioner

33.       Refrigerator Mechanic

34.       Mason-cum-Carpenter

35.       Painter grade-I

36.       Painter grade-II

37.       Beldars

38.       Mali

39.       Chaukidar

40.       Mates

41.       Sweepers

42.       Helper/Helper to Washerman/Pressman/Electrician

43.       TelephoneClerk

44.       Sub-Divisinal Mechanic

45.       Ferro Khalasi

46.       Khalasi/Survey Khalasi

47.       Superintendent Rig

48.       Driller

49.       Assistant Driller

50.       Store Attendant

51.       Pressure Fitter Attendant

52.       Chemist grade-II

53.       Mason and Bricklayer

54.       Store Attendant

55.       Labourer

56.       Surveyor

57.       Tractor Mechanic

58.       Assistant Fitter

59.       Heavy Duty Foreman (Mech. And Auto Elect.)

60.       Welder

61.       Supervisor

62.       Patwari

63.       Wireman

64.       Ledger Keeper

65.       Fitter Mech./Auto/Chorinator

            66.       Assistant Electrical Chargeman


CONTINGENT  ESTABLISHMENT 1.         Ferro Khalasi

2.         Beldars

3.         Bhishties

4.         Chaukidars

5.         Cleaners (Gurdaspur School)

6.         Trollymen (Gurdaspur School)

7.         Guard Establishment (Gurdaspur School)

8.         Coolies

            9.         Farashes (Gurdaspur School)

            10.       Khalasis

            11.       Malis

            12.       Mates

            13.       Sweepers

14.       Store Collies

15.       Charasamen

16.       Workshop Chowkidar

17.       Workshop Coolies

18.       Farash

19.       Sweeper

20.       Bhishti



1.         Water-carriers

2.         Bhishties

3.         Swepers

4.         Malies

5.         Chaukidars

6.         Khalasis (Tent pitchers)

7.         Turnkeys

8.         Khansamas

9.         Debt Conciliation Board Chaprasis

10.       Camel drivers

11.       Joriwalas

12.       Beldars

13.       Bearers

14.       Dak-runners

15.       Supply contractors

16.       Gauge readers

17.       Watch-winders

18.       Carpenters

19.       Frashes

20.       Peti Bardars

21.       Mirdhas

22.       Karwas

23.       Munadiwala

24.       Cartmen

25.       Motor Drivers

26.       Mates

27.       Syces

28.       Cattle attendants

29.       Dairy attendants

30.       Fisheries watchers

31.       Forest guards (Work-charged)

32.       Forest guards (Work-charged)

33.       Watchers

34.       Draimen

35.       Enumerators

36.       Peons (Work-charged)

37.       Weighmen

38.       Mechanics

39.       Collies

40.       Shepherds

41.       Ploughmen

            42.       Well men

            43.       Bellow boys

            44.       Literate labourers